Here’s something Chinese you CAN see from space: an aircraft carrier

Can you see the Great Wall of China with the naked eye, if you’re looking at it from space? Maybe not, but you would be able to if you were using a satellite. Now a Denver satellite company have spotted something Chinese from space. The object is one of the country’s ‘experimental’ and ‘research oriented’ aircraft carriers.

According to China Daily, the vessel in question was performing a series of tests that included the first take offs and landings by aircraft at sea.

According to the newspaper there vessel is:

“[…] an Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier measuring 304.5 meters long, and having a displacement of 58,500 tons, has been refitted for research and training in China.”

It is, however, unclear what sort of research needs an aircraft carrier capable of carrying 33 fixed-wing aircraft and 12 helicopters. Anyone want to as Taiwan if they have an idea what it might be used for?


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