First new nuclear reactor for 15 years ready to be built

A recent article in the New York Times tells of a bright future (and if things go really wrong, a glowing future) for parts of the US nuclear power industry.

The good news for the industry is that the country’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved designs for a new type of reactor, thereby clearing a major hurdle out the way that had blocked the building of two new nuclear power plants in South Carolina and Georgia. The approval comes more than 15 after the last new US nuclear plant went into operation.

According to the article, the commission was so enamoured by the new design that they not only voted unanimously for approving it but also waived the usual 30-day waiting period that lies between their approval and the approval becoming official.

However, the two new projects might be the only one’s to begin construction in the foreseeable future, as the price of natural gas remains very low, especially due to production within the US itself, thus making it more economically viable to build gas-powered plants.


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