Drone helps out in Alaska

Un-manned aircraft are being used to a myriad of different things these days, but few of them could be described as pr winners. Wether they’re engaged in looking for illegal immigrants or missile runs on suspected terrorists, the drones are engaged in something that makes them seem ever more impersonal.

So it was interesting to see a drone in the news this week for something different when one of the unmanned planes was used to guide a fuel tanker through the frozen Bering Sea on its way to the city Nome in Alaska.

The camera-equipped drone was described as looking like a smoke detector with wings and legs. It wass sent out from the beach at Nome and flew over the treacherous ice and its images were beamed back to a tablet-type computer screen on shore.

By looking through the images, researchers on shore were able to get a large picture of the ice in and around Nome harbor in hopes of getting the tanker as close to shore as possible.


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