Tired of puppies? Get a pet shopping cart!

If your kids start pestering you to get a pet that they promise you they’ll take care of (you know that promise probably won’t last more than a month), if you’re stepping up the seriousness of your relationship (and not a hundred per cent sure that’s what you want to do) or if you’re kinda just wanting a pet, but not sure how it’ll react to you stumbling drunk through the door at 3.30am on a Tuesday morning then there’s a new option – an option that might even make your everyday life a lot easier.

Instead of getting a cat, a dog or (God forbid) some sort of parrot you might consider going for a pet shopping cart?

I know it sounds a bit odd at first, but think about it…it doesn’t need to be fed, played with or walked. Hell, the latest generation of shopping carts can more or less follow you around on their own – and thanks to their new tablet eyes and ears, it won’t be long before they can take down notes or jot down on the shopping list that you’re going to be needing pain killers when you both go to the supermarket late Wednesday afternoon.


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