TV-companies sue Dish Network for introducing ad-skipper

Dish Network thought they would be introducing a great service to their customers, when they launched the new ad-skipper, called Auto Hop, function. The ad-skipper basically identified commercials on any program that you are recording and simply blacks them out. What it leaves you with is a tv-show without the irritationg commercial breaks.

The function does, however, have TV heavyweights like Fox, CBS and NBC gnashing their teeth. And the companies’ lawyers have been chomping at the bit to get into a courtroom.

What Fox and other companies are basically saying is that ad-skippers like the one in the pipeline at Dish Network will basically slash their income from advertisers, in the long run making it hard for them to stay in business.

Fox Networks has been the first company out of the starting blocks and have recently filed a suit against Dish Netwrok in California.

In the suit Fox said that the Auto Hop allows Dish to “create a bootleg video-on-demand service for all network prime-time programming.”

It is the first time one of the big boys of TV has taken a case like this to court and as such it marks the point where the gloves have come off in the fight for control of the future of TV programming and broadcasting. In spite of the myriad of new ways that you can now watch TV that include mobile devices, the big TV broadcasters still ma


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