Is the US Government hacking Microsoft from within?

A recent news story in PC Pro details the theory that the US Government might have been infiltrating Microsoft, planting moles within the IT-giant with the aim of helping the country’s cyber-espionage programme.

PC Pro have asked IT security expert Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at security firm F-Secure, for his opinion in the wake of the recent Flame virus that infected computers in the Middle East. Flame used confidential Microsoft certificates to gain access to the computers. That, along with other facts, has made Hypponen convinced that the virus was planted by a US government branch like the NSA and that they would have to have an insider at Microsoft to gain access to the certificates.

“That must make Microsoft mad as hell that its most critical system, used by 900 million of its customers, was breached by fellow Americans,” he said to PC Pro.

“It’s plausible that if there is an operation under way and being run by a US intelligence agency it would make perfect sense for them to plant moles inside Microsoft to assist in pulling it off, just as they would in any other undercover operation,” he said


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