Recording industry flails about with another stoneage move in a loosing battle

The recording industry are still sulking about the fact that Steve Jobs figured out how you could make money off on-line music and now they have found another thing on the internet to sulk about.

The Recording Industry Association of America, which represents the four largest record companies in the world, have asked to remove software from its site that would let users rip music from video files, such as those found on YouTube, and convert it to MP3’s.

“More than a year ago we asked to remove applications that are used to steal our members’ content,” the RIAA said in a statement.

The request follows quick on the heels of the story that was blocked from accessing YouTube. As the name indicates, is a site dedicated to ripping audio from YouTube videos.

Never being someone who was interested in the lessons of ancient Greece, RIAA seem intent on trying to push a stone uphill. In this case, the stone they’re behind is the copyright of songs.

The record companies have realised that you have to go where the kids are to get them to listen to your music. And the kids are on YouTube. A recent Nielsen study showed that more than two-thirds of American kids and teens used YouTube to listen to music. That’s more than any other technology, including radio and TV.

And trying to get in the way of kids ripping the audio from YouTube and sticking it on their iPods and phones, by going after a website and a hub for software distribution is about as effective as trying to empty the ocean with a bucket.


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