Juliet Marine build stupidly fast ‘bubble ship’ that makes US Navy drool

Imagine a ship that can outrun torpedoes and is invisible to ship radar. A ship that is also so efficient when it comes to fuel consumption that it can undertake longer missions than most other ships or helicopters.

Well, thanks to the guys at Juliet Marine Systems in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, you don’t have to imagine anymore. The ship actualy exists.

Using ‘supercavitation’ Ghost, as the ship has been cristened, has transformed the engineers’ and scientists’ formulas and drawings into something real that seems to live up to the hype.

Supercavitaion is a technique where a gaseous bubble layer is created around the hull of Ghost, meaning that there is much less friction between the ship and the water surrounding it.

So far, the US Navy, the US Coastguard, defence contractors and foreigh governments have all expressed interest.

Now “all” Juliet Marine Systems has to prove is that Ghost and its supercavitation can run reliably for long periods of time. Engineers will know that this is no mean feat.


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