DARPA uses ‘wall of sound’ as fire extinguisher

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, also known as DARPA, is known for dabbling with things on the forefront of scientific exploration. Often they tend to look at how to make things go boom in new and exciting way, but they also have more peaceful projects. Like the Instant Fire Suppression program.

The Instant Fire Suppression program seems to be full of people who like 60’s music in general and specifically Phil Spector – the producer famous for his ‘wall of sound’ recording technique. Well that’s what he used to be famous for, at least. These days it’s more because of really weird hair and possibly having killed a woman. That might just be a lesson on why you should never become fanatic about mono….

But that’s not really that important here. What is important is that the guys at IFS have shown that it’s possible to extinguish fire using sound.

See the video evidence here:


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