Reminiscing about (sort of) happy days and an old friend

One of my best friends has reached double digits! Well, when I say best friends it might be a bit of an overstatement. We do see each other every day, but we rarely really talk. And I think it might be a bit of an unhealthy relationship where I’m really the user and the one who seems to be in charge. However, my friend seems to like to be told what to do and how, and it’s an open sort of of relationship. You could say that I’m the primary user, but my friend can see others at other times….but we’re just friends, it’s not a relationship as such – even though I’ve probably spent more time with my friend than with any woman. Ever.

OK, I admit it, I have spent some time with my friend and women. Well, sort of, anyway. Ahem, yes, let’s move on.

My friend seems pretty passive-aggressive at times, just shutting down and refusing to talk to me if something goes wrong. The good thing is that it usually doesn’t take that long before my friend seems to forget what was wrong. It does however mean, that my friend really isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but hey, who is?

In a lot of ways, I should move on, but you know how it is: you get used to each other, the way we like to do things and, well, I’d say we’re all a bit conservative when it comes to our friends. Partly because it takes time and energy to figure out how a new friend work, what makes them tick and who they really are. And old friends can be a bit like a worn out couch – it might not look or feel like a new one, but you know the wear and tear and it just feels – well, comfortable to sit in.

So even though my friend is nearing his last days, and our relationship is going to come to an end at some point within the next couple of years. it’s probably going to last for a while yet.


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