Cheap 3D printing kills Obama’s clip control stone dead

In the wake of another school massacre, the US Government is once again looking at introducing some sort of control to the American gun market.

Now as a European, the fact that a large percentage of Americans seemingly think you really do need that semi-automatic rifle when hunting squirrels makes absolutely no sense. It’s like saying you need a canon to get rid of the sparrows who’ve set up shop on your roof and then being surprised when the cannon takes part of your roof with it in the attempt to get rid of said sparrows.

That minor tirade taken care of, let’s turn to a new suggestion by the Government who, instead of talking about squirrels and cannons, are thinking about introducing a law to prohibiting the size of magazines.

The proposal actually comes from California Senator Diane Feinstein, but President Obama has voiced support.

What the Government wants to is re-introduce the ban on high-capacity magazines that are capable of holding, well, a lot of bullets.

However, the suggestion isn’t likely to have the desired effect. And the rise of new technology is (sort of) to blame.

A group of gun-happy and slightly tech savvy people called Defence Distributed have already show that the rise of cheap 3D printing and the Internet is going to make it nigh on impossible to enforce a new ban on high-capacity magazines by just making it impossible for shops to sell them legally.

Defence Distributed’s plan is to prove that it is possible to create and build a lethal firearm with a high-capacity magazine solely using the blueprints supplied by the organisation and access to a 3D printer. Recently the group said that they had successfully a 30 round magazine for a semi-automatic and that they had fired a total of 86 round from the magazine.

So the end result they are looking for is a working gun with a massive clip that can be built by anyone with access to a 3D printer and the Internet.

Obama seems to be fighting an up-hill battle with people who want the right to not only build and fire their own canons at sparrows. They want ‘Mad Mike’ down the street to have exactly the same possibility. ANd the right to blame Obama when ‘Mad Mike’ decides that canons could be the thing that the game ‘Tag’ has been missing all these years….


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