Geeking out on a Wednesday afternoon

Geek Christmas Decorations
Photo by: Qole Tech

A great thing about working in the age of the Internet is that I can kinda decide my own hours. Not that I don’t have to work, but I sort of manga, no, make that manage myself. Now this might only count for me – or at least the me that I am these days..or the me I would be if I traveled back in time and…

Yes, I have been geeking out this afternoon 🙂

Not much to show for it except a smile on my lips, and a few little nuggets of nerd gold to share.

Like the site texts from superheroes, home of conversations like this one:


And this one:




Secondly, someone has (finally) recreated the epic sword fighting mini-game from Monkey Island as a browser game. Get ‘I’m Rubber and You’re Glue’-ing here:

Monkey Island Sword Fight.

And now that George Lucas has sold Star Wars to Disney (next episode to star Mickey Mouse as the good guy and Donald Duck as a Sith lord…wait, the second part would actually be funny…imagine Donald throwing a dark side of the force fit…) let’s take a little time to remember how he managed to ruin it for all of us:


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