Wikileaks leaker found? Manning pleads guilty

The man long suspected to be the insider who leaked confidential US documents to the whistle-blower organisation Wikileaks has pleaded guilty to some of the charges levelled against him by the US Government.

Bradley Manning pleaded guilty to 10 charges of illegally getting hold of and sharing confidential and classified US documents with Wikileaks. He will, in what reeks to the high heavens of a plea bargain deal, serve 20 years of jail time for his transgressions.

It remains a wide open question whether Manning still had some sort of information that the US Government didn’t want him to share. Perhaps this has been what finally brought the long case against Manning to a close.

And I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who will still be doubtful about a) whether Manning truly was the source and b) if he was, was he acting on his own?


One thought on “Wikileaks leaker found? Manning pleads guilty”

  1. He was already known to be guilty, he just hasnt been granted a trial until recently. The court statement was his public announcement, he has already confessed before.

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