Downloadable semi-automatic gun can fire 600 rounds

A weapon design that can be downloaded off the Internet and built using a 3D printer has been proved able to fire off 600 rounds without breaking down.

The design has been developed by Texan gun-smith Cody Wilson. It is a semi-automatic rifle, called AR-15, which is basically a carbon copy (pun’s not made of carbon) of the famous M16 rifle.

Last year, Cody Wilson and his group, Defence Distributed, published a video, showing a 3D-printed AR-15 rifle firing, but the weapon broke down after just six rounds. Since then, Defence Distributed have been tinkering with their designs.

The group has now published a new video, showing the AR-15 firing more than 600 round with any problems.

The latests development highlights how cheap 3D-printing continues to shoot down the idea that gun control in USA can be achieved through regulating gun shops.

Here’s the video from Defence Distributed:


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