Drone comes too close for comfort to airliner over New York

CCN recently reported about a unmanned drone that came within 200 feet of a commercial airliner in the skies above New York.

According to CCN, the crew of Alitalia Flight 608 reported seeing the drone as the plane was approaching John F. Kennedy Airport.

Since the incident, the FBI have stated that the incident involved a aircraft no more than 3 feet wide with four propellers.

The FBI said it was working on identifying the air plane and whoever had been operating it at the time.

While the drone in question does not seem to have been military, the incident highlights how drone planes are incredibly hard to keep track of.

There were no reports of the drone being spotted on radar.

At the same time, it gives an indication of the potential destructive use of even unarmed drone aircraft. The craft in questing was not large enough to cause serious structural damage to the Alitalia plane if there had been a collision.

But imagine a scenario where it was sucked into the engine of the Alitalia plane. Then it could have a devastating effect.


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