Iranians designing lifeguard drone

Scientists and engineers at RTS Lab in Tehran, Iran, are busy designing a quadcopter capable of saving people in risk of drowning.

The quadcopter will be able to locate potential drowning victims using thermal image cameras. Once it has flown to a location above them, it will then dispense life-preservers.

RTS Lab has built a prototype capable of carrying one life-preserver, but are working on a new quadcopter capable of carrying three. And, according to RTS Lab, that’s just the beginning of the good news.

On their website, they write that:

“So far 3 pads have been considered for the robot that gives it the ability to save 3 lives in one operation; by using chemical materials for bloating the life pads, the pads can be increased to more than 15 in number.”

“The robot is waterproof and it can land on the sea surface. When the robot faces an accident or in low battery situations it lands on sea, to not see more damage or sink.”

I, for one, think it sounds like a great use of drones. I just wonder if a) the price of it is going to be reasonable and b) if the US will try to tailor the Stuxnet virus to attack these guys as well…

This is what the future could look like, when a drone comes to the rescue:



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