Here’s EA’s Internal Memo On The Layoffs Today

EA continues downward slide – Less than a month ago they won ‘worst companyt in America’ for the second year running and now this:


EA, the game maker in the midst of a big transition from the console era of gaming to the free-to-play world, confirmed widespread reports of layoffs today. The company did not disclose the size of the layoffs, but several other outlets are reporting either hundreds of layoffs or figures that are as high as 10 percent.

The downsizing, which comes on the heels of other layoffs in Montreal and Los Angeles earlier this year, is happening as EA is expected to have a weak earnings report on May 7. EA CEO John Riccitiello recently stepped down over “shortcomings” in the company’s financial performance for the most recent quarter after a six-year stint at the helm of the company.

We have an internal memo from executive chairman Larry Probst, which sheds light on some of the changes.

Core marketing functions, which were spread out between EA’s five different labels, are…

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