Want to cut your CO2 emissions? Stay at home when grocery shopping!

Photo by: Polycart

According to scientist from University of Washington, staying at home is the way to shop, if you’re looking to go green.

The scientists have looked at CO2 emissions of driving your car to a supermarket to do your shopping or instead stay at home and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Their results show that staying at home cuts your CO2 emission for shopping by about 50 per cent.

“A lot of times people think they have to inconvenience themselves to be greener, and that actually isn’t the case here,” said Anne Goodchild, UW associate professor of civil and environmental engineering.

“From an environmental perspective, grocery delivery services overwhelmingly can provide emissions reductions.”

The reason for the massive reduction is that the delivery truck is bigger than your car. If it’s not, you should getter a smaller car!

This means that the truck can drive around to several customers, which means way fewer miles driven to and from the store, compared to the individual customers driving back and forth themselves.


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