Windows 8 tastes like New Coke

Microsoft have a proud history of launching products before they’re completely ready and then releasing a string of updates. An example is the string of ‘service packs’ they have released over the years. If a ‘service pack’ is bigger than 300Mb, then I would say that that is an indication that something hasn’t been completely right with your original product….actually it’s an indication that Microsoft has sold you the software equivalent of a three-legged chair and promised to mail you the fourth leg later on.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with the new Microsoft Windows 8. No, to me Windows 8 is more like selling a chair without legs. And big nails sticking through the seat.

apparently, I’m far from alone in not liking Windows 8.

According to this article, Windows 8 looks likely to be Microsoft’s answer to Coca Cola’s disastrous New Coke.


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