US removes 17 members of the Dr Strangelove squad

In an unprecedented move, the US Air Force has decided to strip 17 officers of the right to guard the really big red button. The one labelled ‘Fire nuclear missiles.’

The news comes hot on the heels of a recent inspection of the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota where a test of a team’s mastery of the Minuteman III missile launch operations system resulted in a D.

What that basically means is that the squad wasn’t really too sure how the whole firing thing of a 170 kiloton nuclear missile was supposed to go.

“We are, in fact, in a crisis right now,” the group’s deputy commander, Lt. Col. Jay Folds, wrote in an internal email obtained by The Associated Press and confirmed by the Air Force.

After the inspection at Minot Air Force Base, 17 officers were quietly removed from the 24-hour watch over the Minutemen III intercontinental missiles and told that they would be ‘[…] be a bench warmer for at least 60 days.’

Am I the only one thinking about Dr Strangelove?


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