Mice, lizards and fish spend month in space – some come back floating

After spending a month in outer space, a Russian space capsule carrying what could be described as a ‘discerning little Noah’s Ark of lab animals’.

Mice, lizards, crayfish and other animals all took off from Baikonur Cosmodrome on April 19th as part of an experiment ‘designed to show the effects of weightlessness and other factors of space flight on cell structure.’

For the lizards, that didn’t turn out to be a biggie, as all 15 of them survived. However, fewer than half of the 53 mice who took off a month ago came back alive.

So, the pet of choice for a trek to Mars is a chameleon and, if the mice weren’t wilfully letting the mammal side down by dying off, the study seems to be bad news for a the human population on such a trip.


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