50-foot electromagnet ready to go on cross-country romp

Muon g-2 ring, a name that has a ring (sorry) of Star Trek, captain’s log, in orbit around some otherworldly structure or another.

And in some ways that’s not far off.

Actually, the Muon g-2 is a 50-foot electromagnet that’s about to go on a veeery slow trek across the US.

It will be going from New York to its new home in Fermilab in Batavia.

In total, it’s a 3,2000 mile trek, and due to the magnet being so ‘soft skinned’ that even a tilt by as little as a few degrees will destroy it, the average speed will be at just about 10mph, on the back of a special designed truck and on a barge.

The trip will cost between $2 million and $3 million, compared to the $30 million it would cost to build a new magnet on site at Batavia…the name makes it sound like it belongs in cartoons…speaking of which, am I the only one envisioning the magnet switching on during transport – hopefully outside a shop that sells pots and pans?


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