Google buys flying windmills

Google have announced that they have bought Makani Power, a company know for its ‘flying windmills’.

Instead of building a tower and sticking some blades and an electricity generator on the top of it, Makani’s version of a windmill is a flying robot wing, with propellers that can act as both a means of propulsion at lift-off and power the generators once it reaches the desired height. The whole thing is tethered to the ground, meaning that the company does away with a lot of the construction costs usually associated with building a windmill.

“This formalizes a long and productive relationship between our two companies, and will provide Makani with the resources to accelerate our work to make wind energy cost competitive with fossil fuels,” Makani said in a statement on its website.

It might still be difficult to understand what exactly the whole thing is about, so here’s a video of the wing in action:


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