It’s all hack, hack, hack this week, isn’t it?

Hackers seem to be here, there and everywhere in the news this week. Stealing building plans here, weapon plans there and just generally making sure that the international diplomatic core has something to do.

The Washington Post reported that Chinese ‘cyber spies’ had somehow gotten access to what it described as ‘many of the nation’s most sensitive advanced weapons systems’.

Not to be outdone, agents from Iran were attacking US energy firms, according to this, rather unfortunately titled piece in The Register.

However, the Chinese ended up running away with the prize as the ‘most hackingest nation in this week’s news’ by heading south and stealing the blueprints for the new ASIO building in Canberra, Australia.

ASIO is short for Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, so there’ll be some red faces down under – and not just from spending too long in the sun.


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