First French electronic election full of security holes

The first ever electronic election held in France relied on voting systems hailed as ‘fraud proof’ and ‘ultra-secure’ that turned out to be anything but.

The systems were used for the Paris town hall primary election, held this weekend, but the results of the election are questionable, after journalists from a news site proved just how easy it was to fool the system and vote several times by simply using different names.

To be eligible to vote, Parisians had to make a credit card payment of three Euro to a certain account and give the name of someone on the electoral roll.

One of the journalists who beat the system said that he had managed to vote five times, using just one credit card – once giving his name as ‘Nicolas Sarkozy’.

So someone in the French government invented a system that charges you money to exercise your democratic right, and has less security measures than a C64 game – at least you needed pirate groups to hack those. Mind you, that was back in the late 80s, so it’s no wonder we haven’t progressed that far since then….


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