Spying? Not us, says NSA – while building new $860 million data centre

The current PRISM-storm is raging, the original whistle-blower has apparently gone walk-about in the streets of Hong Kong, US government officials are twisting words this way and that to defend their government eavesdropping and the biggest computer companies are sending their lawyers into a ‘who-can-we-sue-for-libel-and-how-can-we-say-we-didnt-do-what-we-all-know-we-did’ huddle.

And in Fort Meade, Maryland, the diggers keep digging and the construction workers keep constructing a brand new 860 million NSA Data Centre.

The centre, which will be finished by 2016, will be tasked with protecting national security networks and giving US authorities intelligence and warnings about possible cyber threats.

“With this new state-of-the-art computing center, Maryland and the NSA will continue to protect America from cyber terrorists, spies, and thugs,” said Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski of Maryland, Chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee and senior member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

“Maryland is the global epicenter of cybersecurity, leading the way in finding cyber-tech solutions that make our country safer, and creating cyber-warrior jobs that make our economy stronger.”

Maryland the global epicentre of cyber security? Someone get me a phone – I want to call a friend in the US so that the NSA can hear what I have to say on the matter….


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