Crowdsourced project lets you send ‘message in a bottle’ to aliens

A new crowd-funded METI, or Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence, project is set to begin this week.

The project uses a refurbished radio telescope in California to broadcast signals to space, hoping that extraterrestrial intelligences might listen in.

And the project, named Lone Signal, is looking for you. If you have an internet connection, that is. If so, you’ll be able to pen your own message, or even send a photo, to the Universe and Lone Signal will beam it into space.

To bein with all messages sent through Lone Star’s network will be transmitted to a star system called Gliese 526, which is located about 17.6 light-years from Earth.

The reason is that Gliese 526 is a good candidate for harboring life, having been identified in the Catalog of Nearby Habitable Systems, according to Lone Signal chief science officer Jacob Haqq-Misra.

To find out more, visit Lone Signal’s website here.


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