EA scrambles to upset scrabble players

EA do not seem content with winning back-to-back titles as the ‘worst company in the US’ and have launched an early bid to keep the title, handed out by the Consumerist, for a third year in a row.

This time the gaming giant have completely mucked up a relaunch of a very popular scrabble app. The company took over the popular game app from creators Mattel, and proceeded to wipe all players’ histories and statistics, leaving more than a few of them using four letter words, not caring if they triple score or not.

“I’ve been playing for over four years, I had 5,000 games on my statistics, I’d won 71% of them, I had my best scores recorded – and now it’s all lost,” a player told the BBC.

Mattel confirmed that players’ previous data could not be restored.

“As part of the transition [to EA Mobile], we were unable to carry over ongoing games and statistics, the timer mode and the manual match-making function. The new version will have the same robust statistics moving forward,” it said in a statement.

EA were – surprise, surprise – not available for comment….through I’m sure they’re prowling the corridors of their headquarters looking to settle the score with someone from the team who bungled the scrabble app.

And, seeing as they recently managed to screw up the newest incarnation of Sim City, the new debacle has fans of iconic franchises like the EA Sports series pretty worried. Is, for example, the next version of FIFA going to see the goalies wearing ice hockey padding?


One thought on “EA scrambles to upset scrabble players”

  1. I was about to purchase the Scrabble app after losing it when I bought my new iPad (it disappeared from my apps). Luckily I checked the reviews, and that was only because the new incarnation looked like a scrabble copy. Glad I still have my 25 year old deluxe board game. Although I did find a free app that is pretty much the same as the original Scrabble app called Words.

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