Men caught trying to make truck-based x-ray weapon

Two men have been arrested in upstate New York for building a portable x-ray weapon.

The weapon was to be used against ‘enemies of Israel’.

Mounted on a truck and remotely operated, the weapon would, in theory, be able to deliver massive amounts of dangerous x-ray radiation, causing sickness or even death.

Investigators said Crawford approached Jewish organizations last year looking for funding and people to help him with technology that could be used to surreptitiously deliver damaging and even lethal doses of radiation against those he considered enemies of Israel. He and Feight assembled the mobile device, which was to be controlled remotely, but it was inoperable and nobody was hurt, authorities said.

Weirdly enough, the money for constructing the weapon actually came from what can be described at the unlikeliest of sources: the Ku Klux Klan. One of the two men in question (Crawford) travelled to North Carolina, pretended to be a member of the organisation, and procured the means necessary.

Something about lying down with the devil you know to kill the devil you think you know springs to mind here….


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