New Voyager readings shows edge of Solar System is ‘wrinkly’

Photo by: FlyingSinger

The spacecraft Voyager 1’s latest measurements of conditions on the edge of our solar system are causing frowns in the scientific community.

Voyager 1 is currently more than 11 billion miles from Earth – a distance that puts it right on the edge of our solar system…another way of thinking of if is that it’s about as far away from us now as Whitney Houston should have tried to get from Bobby Brown back in the 80s-90s.

Sidestep over, the interesting thing about the latest measurements is that they seem to disprove not one, not two, but three theories that scientists have had about the conditions in the border regions between our system and interstellar space.

it was previously thought that there was a clearly defined border between the two regions of space. Once the Voyager spacecraft crossed that border, three things were going to happen: The sun’s solar winds would become still; galactic cosmic rays would bombard Voyager from every angle; and the direction of the dominant magnetic field would change significantly because it would be coming from interstellar space, not the sun.

Except that hasn’t happened.

Instead the readings seem to show that conditions have changed back and forth, with magnetic field and solar wind readings soaring and falling several times, as Voyager 1 has traversed several zones, or ‘wrinkles’ in the border.

“The jumps indicate multiple crossings of a boundary unlike anything observed previously,” a team of scientists working on the data said to the magazine Science


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