Five things that make programmers shudder

Programmers and software developers are generally in high demand, can work with challenging problems and get paid pretty damn well to do so.

So it’s a great gig, right?

Well, to a points, it seems….because programmers and software developers are people. And people can always find something to worry about.

Proof, you want? Why then, Yoda, take a look at a recent article from IT World, that lists the five most scary things for programmers.

In reverse order of scariness, they are:

5. Incompetent management and coworkers
– Think blundering bosses, who thing that python must be dangerous to have in the office and C++ is a really strange grade to get.

4. Being forced to learn or use a specific technology
– Like being a trekkie and being forced to go to a Star Wars convention.

3. No longer liking my job
– How does knowing seven programming languages help me realise my (new) dream of becoming safari guide?

2. Losing my job
– Few words are as scary to programmers as ‘outsourcing’

1. Screwing up
– Let’s face it, programmers see bugs everywhere, all the time. And sometimes they’re actually there…


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