The power of the sun


by Tiago Zenero, NCEE Labs

Electricity, hot water, cars, and even airplanes, everything powered by only one source: the sun.



Solar Impulse is a Swiss project that uses Solar Energy to make an airplane fly. It started in 2009 and last May it set a new record flying over 957 miles from Phoenix to Dallas. The goal is that the aircraft can make a flight around the world in 2015.

The airplane has no plans to take passengers yet, but that is a possibility in the future.

The development of a solar car is a goal of scientists since 1980. One of the first challenges in the world concerning solar energy in a mean of transportation was the World Solar Challenge, inaugurated in 1987, in Australia.

The goal of the Challenge is to drive a home-built solar car across Australia from west to east. Next edition will…

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