New documents show al-Qaeda’s fight against drones

According to a report in the Washington Post al-Qaeda leaders have groups of technical staff, including engineers, working on plans and ideas that will give them a better chance to fight US drone aircraft.

These ways could include shooting the drones down, jamming the radio signals that control them or even hijacking the drones, effectively making them do the bidding of al-Qaeda.

According to the report in the Washington Post, there have been few signs of any successes since the al-Qaeda programme was launched in 2010.

The information comes from a classified government report, called “Threats to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, which was provided to the Washington Post by Edward Snowden.

Although this is perhaps not news to some, the fact that al-Qaeda are actively engaged in this sort of programme is worrisome when one considers the U.S. Airforce Scientific Advisory Board’s two-year old report that warned of how:

““increasingly capable adversaries” in countries such as Afghanistan could threaten drone operations by inventing inexpensive countermeasures.”

That’s basically people who know a hell of a lot about unmanned flying vehicles telling you that people like the one’s mentioned in the other report are getting closer and closer to working out how to stop them / bring them down / take control of them….


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