Comet ISON ‘destroyed by fly-pass of the sun’

Musings of a Mild Mannered Man

It looks more and more likely that the Comet ISON has not survived its dramatic fly-pass of our Sun.

According to the Google Hangout, hosted by the NASA Goddard Flight Centre, the mission control of the SDO (Solar Dynamic Observatory), they could see comet ISON on its approach to the Sun quite clearly, and as it start its perihelion – the closest point it passes the Sun – it seems to have broken up into two distinct fragments, which then in turn, as it got closer, may have broken down further till it seems it has been consumed by the Sun, or ejected out into space as tiny fragments of the once 2km long comet.

The photo below shows the approach of the comet, with its nucleus and tail clearly visible. Unfortunately, when observing the other side of the Sun, where the comet was expected to appear…

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