Urine, sprouts power shock

The Eco Hero.com

As the World comes to terms with the reality of climate change, new sources of renewable energy are sprouting up everywhere.  Literally!

Powered by the humble sprout, green energy is being used to light up a Christmas tree.  The 1,000 sprout battery, created with the aid of London school children, emits 63 volts – enough to power a set of festive LED lights.

Urine too is being used to generate electricity.  Thanks to boffins at the UK’s Bristol Robotic Laboratory, answering the call of nature is all that it takes to power a cell phone!  Using a series of Microbial Fuel Cells, naturally occurring bacteria generate electricity as they break down the organic matter present in urine – bringing hope for an almost limitless source of free and renewable energy in the future.

As well as urine, human and animal waste is being used to create biogas. Processing…

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