Email spoofing: The story of “Congratulations you have won a lottery” like spam emails

Very interesting run through of email spoofing:

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Mail vs E-mail
Back in old days when internet was not so common, we had to rely only on the postal/courier services. The only thing that bugs me about the traditional mail is their speed. This is when email comes. It offers numerous benefits, like its blazing fast, most of the time its free,  you can attach from pictures to videos, from management point of view you don’t have to maintain a hard folder, last but not least its environment friendly. In short, email is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

What is a spam?
I’m not that old, but again back in those dial-up connection days, there was no such thing as Gmail, most of people either used Hotmail or Yahoo mail for the emails. The problem with these two email service providers is the spams. Spams are irrelevant emails coming to you, mostly used for marketing a…

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