Navy’s New Drone Will Be Able To DogFight Other Planes

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The Navy’s New Drone Will Be Able to Fight Other Planes

With some help, that is

The U.S. Navy is finally thinking about how to use aerial drones to shoot  down other airplanes—making it one of the first air arms to plan a  dogfighting role for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

But in the beginning, the dogfighting drones will most likely need the help of a human fighter pilot in a nearby manned plane.

Dave Majumdar broke the news in mid-December on the blog of the U.S. Naval Institute. The Navy’s new Unmanned Carrier-Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike drone, currently in the conceptual phase, will be the size of an F-14  Tomcat—that is, 35 to 40 tons fully loaded—and able to carry AMRAAM  air-to-air missiles, Majumdar reported.

But the drone will probably not be able to spot enemy jets, maneuver into a firing position and…

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