Engineering, Norse Gods, The Rapture and Women Roles explained – using flowcharts


I used to work at a company where I wrote about – and for – engineers, and I can testify that they would love the flowchart above. And if you got them drunk, they’d probably admit that gaffa tape and WD-40 solves technical issues more often than you’re probably comfortable with knowing…

Engineering problems is far from the only thing that can be explained using flowcharts. Take crisis situations in Valhalla, for example:


OK, so the moral of this flowchart is that it’s Loki’s fault, so let Thor hit him with Mjolnir until he fixes it.

Turns out that Gandalf has much the same idea about things:


Other big things involving God(s) that can be explained using flowcharts include The Rapture:


On the more mundane everyday level, choosing things like what YouTube to watch or what typeface to choose can also be explained with flowcharts:



Finally (for now anyway) a flowchart that maps Women’s roles in literature and film:

flowchart-women roles


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