Why small satellite systems should scare your company


According to a new study, hackers might be aiming their sights at the small communication satellite dishes found on oil rigs, ships, banks, and power grid substations.

The systems, that are referred to as VSATs (very-small-aperture terminals), are used in a wide variety of industries, including the media and banks to send data across the planet. But according to a report from cyber-security firm IntelCrawler, at least 10.500 of them are wide open for hacking.

We found thousands and thousands of these systems with what are essentially their digital front doors left wide open,” Dan Clements, IntelCrawler’s President, said according to CSMonitor.com.

“We haven’t looked for direct evidence in the underground that someone has compiled these vulnerabilities on VSATS,” he said. “But common sense says that if we’ve scanned it then others have, too – nation states, cyber-gangs. It’s information that’s out there.”


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