GM seems to have killed the ignition switch by killing people?

Photo: Jeff_Golden
Photo: Jeff_Golden

General Motors is currently finding itself up digested food creek with no adequate means of propulsion due to what, in staying with a long US media tradition of tying any- and everything with Nixon’s sneak peek at stuff that wasn’t rightfully his to look at, has been called ‘Switchgate’

Thee case itself is deadly serious, literally deadly. So far 13 deaths have been linked to problems with the company’s ignition switch.

GM is in the process of recalling more than 2.5 million cars that could potentially have faulty ignition key systems.

The case has led Bloomberg to speculate whether this is the end of turning on cars as we know it – which has basically involved using a system that has been more or less antiquated since the 60s or 70s.

Now the story is quite serious, so will try and stay away from puns involving key questions, but it is worth noting that it has taken 13 deaths for one car company to think about abandoning an antiquated model of just turning on a vehicle.

Any bets on how long it would take the big car companies to really turn towards electrical vehicles and/or autonomous vehicles?


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