Get your next generation MIT robots hot from the oven!


The MIT researcher Daniela Rus is most likely one of the institute’s leading experts on a couple of things. One is puns and word play involving ‘baked’ and marijuana. And the other is how to create robots in new and innovative ways.

Rus has found a way of creating robots by baking them.

“Rus’ project involves cutting out and “printing” plastic materials that change shape when baked, essentially allowing for self-forming objects that build themselves,” TechCrunch reports.

“But producing the pattern of slits is not as simple as just overlaying them on an origami crease pattern and adjusting the widths accordingly, Rus says. “You’re doing this really complicated global control that moves every edge in the system at the same time,” she says. “You want to design those edges in such a way that the result of composing all these motions, which actually interfere with each other, leads to the correct geometric structure.”,” MIT say of the new method in a press release.

More importantly, MIT released this video of how to bake a robot:


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