Welcome to SciTechEnergy – a blog about science, technology, energy and the environment with a few extra bits thrown in for good measure and a bit of fun. The tone is often irreverent. It might, at times, be childish, but will, hopefully, entertain you. Oh, and the writing will (probably) have less commas than that last sentence….and there will definitely be more bad puns…

Your host is a journalist (and geek) who has covered science, technology and energy for a number of years in print and on-line, with a focus on energy and the environment.

Apart from news and comments on what’s happening in science, technology, energy and the environment, this blog is also likely to feature full interviews with voices in from these fields.

Often the format of articles means that you can only take one or two quotes from a great conversation and stick them in the story. Then editors sometimes decides that your five page spread is now going to be a two pages picture story. Quotes? Yeah, they’re gone.

Bitter much? Not really. That’s the reality of what goes on at all media. However, here I don’t have that limit, and it’s a perfect opportunity for me to lets these voices be heard – in their entirety.

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A blog about Science, Technology, Energy and the Environment

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