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NASA says parts of the Moon are ‘historic sites’

Parts of our Moon should be treated like National Heritage sites, according to NASA.

The American space agency said that any potential future Moon explorers should stay away from the lunar landing sites from earlier Apollo missions. NASA said the sites should be treated like historic sites.

They even came up with a set of guidelines regarding how the sites should be treated.

Of course, having a custodian on site to enforce the rules might prove just a little bit costly….

NASA going to Europa to look for life?

Photo by: NASA Goddard Photo and Video’s photostream

According to recent reports, NASA is considering a mission to Europa. No, not that Europa. Or for that reason (yes, I’m Danish) to Lars von Trier’s movie.

No, the American space agency is considering sending two robotic landers to the Europa that orbits Jupiter.

Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL are working on a plan that might launch the landers in 2020 and see them land of the moon six years later. The chief goal would be to investigate whether life could ever have existed there.

“Europa, I think, is the premier place to go for extant life,” Kevin Han, the JPL scientist who presented the basics of the mission at a meeting of the America Geophysical Union, said.