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20,000 robots are building your iPods

The massive Apple, Microsoft and Sony subcontractor Foxconn have released an update on its stated goal of using a million robots to build iPods and other products.

According to the company’s director, Terry Gou, the company now has around 20,000 robots in its factories.

The long-term goal of Foxcoon is to use robots to replace many of the 1.2 million workers it currently employs.

Google adds third city to Fiber – gets paid $1.7 million to do so

The city of Provo in Utah has become the third city to go Google Fiber .

The city’s council recently decided to sell its own network, the iProvo fiber-optic internet, to the search engine (and by now so much more) giant.

Google Fiber uses fiber-optic networks to supply users with up- and download speeds of one gigabit – about 100 times faster than most Americans have – meaning that things like live streaming of TV is easy-peasy.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the city of Provo will end up paying Google about $1.7 million to take control of the iProvo network, which was facing financial difficulties (read: costing the city and arm and a leg).

Now I personally think they should have gone with another name. One that wouldn’t have been like a red flag for Google.

I mean, they might as well have named the thing MicroProvo….

Microsoft hot on the heels of Apple and Google with wearable tech?

According to the Wall Street Journal, computer giant Microsoft are working on a touch-enabled watch device.

it’s unclear what capabilities the watch will have, and if it will ever get to market, but the story underlines the recent push by the Titans of the industry towards wearable tech.

Google recently showcased its much hyped Google Glass glasses while Apple are said to be working on a watch-like product.

Interestingly enough, it’s not the first time that Microsoft have dabbled in watch-like computers.

Back in 2004, the company released the Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT), which broadcast the MSN service package through the FM radio band in 100 metropolitan areas.

Basically, the MSN service package at the time included news and sports headlines and weather information that was broadcast to SPOT units. Companies who invested in the technology included watch makers Swatch and Tissot and, strangely enough, coffee machine maker Melitta. Why people would want to use their coffee machine as a browser? Yes, I was asking myself that exact question myself.

It looked like this:


Time will tell what services the new Microsoft watch will include.

Personally, I’m hoping for the Office Package – imagine walking down the street and seeing people desperately slapping their wrists, trying to update documents and spreadsheets….

Nokia exec plays the foot in mouth game

In a recent interview with Pocket-lint, Nokia exec Niels Munksgaard, director of Portfolio, Product Marketing & Sales at the Finnish giant, went for the big boys in the smart phone market.

Niels Munksgaard went after both Apple and Google, saying that young people are “pretty much fed up with iPhones” and that the Google-developed Android system found on phones from producers such as Samsung and HTC left many users feeling frustrated.

“Many are not happy with the complexity of Android and the lack of security,” he said.

The article doesn’t say anything about where Niels Munksgaard has his information from, nor does it seem to ask two obvious questions:

The first is: since your phones’ operating system comes from Microsoft, aren’t you just a mobile minion laying on some trash talk for Bill Gates?

The second is: if the youth of today are really so tired of iPhones and Android then why are you finding it so hard to sell you own products?

Now my guess would be that the honest answer to the first would be yes and to the second would be ‘hrmmhmm, because their products are actually still better than anything we could come up with till the Nokia Lumia 800, which we then decided to market through TV-commercials that look like they belong on a TV-shopping channel in the 90’s?’

It really is a case of the pot calling the kettle names and an exec putting his foot in his mouth…