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Couple unearth anciet skeleton in backyard during construction – state charges them $5000 for doing so

A Canadian couple unearthed a skeleton in their backyard while installing a new fence on their property.

The couple first thought that the skeleton, believed to be around 400 years old, was a bunch of animal bones, but when it became clear that they were human remains, they called in the police to investigate.

The skeleton, located near Blue Water Bridge, once a part of the Ojibwa trade network, has experts theorizing she was a member of the merchants, a hunting, gathering and fishing society.

The couple, who could theoretically have said nothing of the remains and just kept digging, have been charged $5000 by the Ontario state government, as their land now has to be assessed by a professional archaeologist.

“I did the right thing by her and this is what’s happening,” Nicole Sauve, one of the couple in question, said.