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Toronto family goes back to 1986

A family in Toronto has donned the mullet, cranked up the poodle rock to eleven and set all dials to 1986 by removing all technology made after that year from their lives.

Blair McMillan and his girlfriend, Morgan, along with their two kids, Trey, 5, and Denton, 2, are, as the Toronto Sun, who first reported the story, living without:

“computers, no tablets, no smart phones, no fancy coffee machines, no Internet, no cable, and – from the point of view of many tech-dependent folks – no life.”

The article is a very interesting insight into how technology is everywhere in our moderns lives.


Couple unearth anciet skeleton in backyard during construction – state charges them $5000 for doing so

A Canadian couple unearthed a skeleton in their backyard while installing a new fence on their property.

The couple first thought that the skeleton, believed to be around 400 years old, was a bunch of animal bones, but when it became clear that they were human remains, they called in the police to investigate.

The skeleton, located near Blue Water Bridge, once a part of the Ojibwa trade network, has experts theorizing she was a member of the merchants, a hunting, gathering and fishing society.

The couple, who could theoretically have said nothing of the remains and just kept digging, have been charged $5000 by the Ontario state government, as their land now has to be assessed by a professional archaeologist.

“I did the right thing by her and this is what’s happening,” Nicole Sauve, one of the couple in question, said.

Billion-year-old water found under Canada

Scientists have discovered a source of water deep beneath Ontario, Canada, that has been isolated for more than a billion years. Talk about vintage.

The water source was found some 2.4 kilometres below the surface and was rich in methane and hydrogen, meaning that possible life in the water would have had good support.

The find breaks the previous record for how long a source of water has stayed free of contamination by some ways and could potentially and/or speculatively be good news for people looking studying whether Mars once held life. At least according to Pete Burnard, a geochemist at the Centre of Petrographic and Geochemical Research in Vandœuvre-les-Nancy, France.

The surface of Mars once held water and its rocks are chemically no different from those on Earth, he says. “There is no reason to think the same interconnected fluids systems do not exist there.”

Police drone saves man in Canada

A drone aircraft was recently used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to save a life in the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan.

The mounties used a Draganflyer X4-ES helicopter drone to find and treat a man whose car had flipped over.

The Draganflyer used a mounted infrared camera to locate the driver, who was then treated by emergency responders and taken to hospital.

See a video of the rescue here: