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Fracking explosion and fire = Free Pizza

pizza boomm

The citizens of Dunkard Township, Pennsylvania, were recently treated to free pizza and soft drinks by the Oil & Gas giant Chevron. Sounds nice, but then again – Chevron had good reason for giving out free food and drinks.

The reason was that one of Chevron’s nearby shale gas fracking wells had exploded and then burnt for four days straight.

Obviously, this came as a bit of a chock to locals.

“Then the house just sort of shook and there was a big loud bang,” one told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Another told the same paper that the ‘loud bang’ had sounded like

“[…]a jet engine going 5 feet above your house.”

Of course, Chevron felt the locals’ pain. And what better way of saying sorry for blowing up large parts of the countryside than to offer some free food and drinks?

“The pizza was “a token of appreciation for their patience during this time,” Kent Robertson, a public affairs officer for Chevron, tells Newsweek, “and our commitment to the community goes far beyond this and our outreach is ongoing,” Newsweek recently reported.

All in all it’s hard to say that Chevron seem exactly empathetic in this case. On the other hand, it is nice to know that if they blow up your town centre, they are at least likely to upgrade from pizza and a soft drink to a steak and a beer….then all you need, is to find out where the explosion sent your cutlery. And your dining room table.

Fracking: opportunity or danger? Or cute cartoon?

Hydrofrackturing rock formations to extract gas – or fracking, as it’s commonly known – has generated more than a fair share of debate in recent years.

Supporters call it the key to solving our energy needs while moving towards more green energy, while opponents call it the worst idea since the Romans put lead in their aqueducts.

And water is often at the heart of the debate between the two sides, with opponents saying that fracking causes pollution of drinking water and also causes earthquakes. Supporters, on the other hand, say that this isn’t the case and point to the fact that gas extracted through fracking has lowered the use of coal in some countries, meaning that it’s helping reduce the amounts of CO2 humans pump into the atmosphere.

Right or wrong, this is a complex issue. Good thing we have cartoons.

OK, that’s a dig (bad pun, sorry), but this illustration of the pros and cons actually does a pretty good job of explaining the whole thing:

German brewers united against fracking for gas

Mmmhmhhm, beer, mwarhghgh
Mmmhmhhm, beer, mwarhghgh

Photo by: barockschloss

German brewers are warning the country’s government that the controversial fracking for shale gas could ruin the industry.

Basically, the brewers are concerned that fracking, which involves pumping a mix of water, sand and chemicals into sediments deep underground, might cause impurities in some of the water sources the industry relies on.

Although it’s still very uncertain if fracking could impact the brewers in any way near what they’re fearing and at the same time impossible because of the brewing process, it could be kinda funny seeing an Oktoberfest where people in lederhosen were lighting their beers and burps on fire. Or is that just me?

Fracking to blame for Ohio quakes

Must….not….must….resist..mmwweraughh….can’t….The people of Ohio might be shocked to hear (sorry for that, the pun just had to come out) that recent earth quakes that have hits parts of the Buckeye State might have been man-made. That is to say that the cause of the quakes might have been fracking.

Now state leaders have ordered four fluid-injection wells in the eastern area of the state to remain closed until further notice.