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Sun on climate change: I didn’t do it!


New scientific data shows that the sun is unlikely to have contributed much to the global warming phenomenons like melting ice caps, higher temperatures, more unstable, and, according to some, Miley Cyrus.

“Research examining the causes of climate change in the northern hemisphere over the past 1000 years has shown that until the year 1800, the key driver of periodic changes in climate was volcanic eruptions. These tend to prevent sunlight reaching the Earth, causing cool, drier weather. Since 1900, greenhouse gases have been the primary cause of climate change,” scientists from University of Edinburgh said in a recent press release.

Global warming: 2011 makes it nine out of ten

2011 might ‘only’ have made it into the ninth spot of warmest years on record, but looking at the records that go back 130 years, you start to see a pretty worrying trend.

And that trend is the fact that nine of the warmest years recorded during the last 130 are found in the last ten years.