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NASA crashes something and gets to cheer about it

NASA scientists recently had the novel experience of getting to crash a piece of multi-million dollar equipment – and then cheer about the fact that they had just crashes a multi-million dollar piece of equipment.

The precious piece of equipment was a CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter, and the purpose of the crash was to test the helicopter’s crashworthiness – a word that I would guess usually leaves NASA scientists with nervous ticks.

No helicopter pilot? No problem in Afghanstan….

American Marines in Afghanistan witnessed a World first, recently, when their supplies were flown in by helicopter. That is, in it itself, pretty much something they see every day.

However, it was the first time that the supplies were flown in by an unmanned helicopter. The Kaman Aerospace produced unmanned K_MAX delivered a slingload of beans, bullets and band-aids (just to keep it in the b’s…but possibly forgetting that another b-word is bombs…which might have been better than beans…just saying..)

According to the US Army, an unmanned helicopter has several advantages over a manned ditto, mainly the fact that any potential downing of the aircraft is much less likely to result in injury or death to one’s troops.

The troops will, however, be left without anyone to complain to, when they get a shipment of beans…or Brussels sprouts for that matter…