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Mars Rover is dumber than your iPhone

Everything the Mars Rover Curiosity needs to know is embedded in the five million lines of code that were programmed into it before takeoff for the red planet, and if we’re talking about processing power, then an iPhone 5 would beat it hands down.

A few facts:

Processors: Curiosity’s runs at 132MHz; the iPhone 5 at 1.3 GHz.
Memory: Curiosity has 128 MB compared to the iPhone 5’s 1 GB.
Storage: Curiosity can hold 4 GB, while the iPhone 5 is way ahead on 64 GB.

It all reminds me of how much you could actually push a C64 to do through smart coding.


Android gets stamp of approval – from the Pentagon

In keeping with it’s track record (if not the times) the Pentagon has mulled it over and decided that the Android operating system for mobile phones is pretty OK.

What that means is that the American Department of Defence (DoD) has decided that it is OK for its employees to use smart phones that use the Android system.

However, the DoD has limited the approval to Dell equipment running Android 2.2. Funnily enough, Dell recently discontinued its production of the Streak mobile phone that ran on the Android 2.2 system.

Instead Dell is now offering a sort of downgraded version of its Dell Venue phone.

All of this has left Apple gnashing its teeth, as the mobile giant has missed out on a potentially very big contract (the US DoD employs a total of more than three million people). It is, however, Apple’s own fault.

The company’s iPhone actively tracks the movement of the phone through embedded GPS chips. Not exactly the smartest thing, if someone were ever to figure out how to tap into the information.

Imagine James Bond’s enemies following his every move on a computer screen, just because he had the wrong mobile phone. Actually, with the current endorsement deals in the Bond movies, that scenario would actually be – sort of – realistic.

Bond: Yeah, they always know where I am, but what am I supposed to do? Steve Jobs would kill me if I threw away the iPhone he gave me and just used my old, tr